12 Blogs of Blogmas

It’s December 4th, and so far I have loved reading all the blogmas posts around. From gift guides and wishlists to traditions and recipes, there are so many interesting reads at the moment. Unfortunately, I’m not taking part in blogmas this year, mainly because I’ve only been blogging for 3 weeks, and I only really discovered blogmas about 10 days ago… #facepalm.

But! I have been so inspired by everyone’s posts, that I thought I’d round up my 12 favourite blogs of blogmas that you just have to read:

#1: Lauren the Daydreamer – beauty, fashion & lifestyle
#2: Heather’s World – travel, food, beauty, lifestyle & fashion
#3: An Ocean Glimmer – beauty & lifestyle
#4: Like Sally Bee – beauty & lifestyle
#5: Invocati – beauty, lifestyle & more
#6: Abi – fashion, beauty & lifestyle
#7: Cupcake Doll Face Blogs – lifestyle
#8: Love Lottie – lifestyle, beauty & food
#9: About a Girl – advice, beauty, lifestyle & more
#10: Melanin Mommie – beauty, family & lifestyle
#11: Ese Janta – fashion, beauty & lifestyle
#12: Kimberley Jessica – beauty, lifestyle, food & more

There are soooo many more but I’m afraid my list would go on forever! Let me know if the comments below who your favourite bloggers are and what you’re up to this Christmas, or tweet me @essentiallylily

Until next time!sign1

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  1. Aww thank you so much lovely, much appreciated! It’s a shame you’re not taking part in Blogmas this year but there’s always next year 🙂 xxx

    1. I’ve only started blogging in Nov, and when I learnt about Blogmas I was not prepared!! But deffo wil be queuing them up for next year!

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