Adding Ted Baker To My Shoe Collection

Adding Ted Baker to my shoe collection! These beauties are the Charv Oriental Blossom Leather Strap, Navy in Entangled Enchantment from Jarrold in Norwich

I have to say, I have only really gotten into Ted Baker’s products in the past couple of months (I know, I know, where have I been, right?). Mainly handbags and accessories, but when I came across these stunning beauties from Jarrold in clearance for only £33.00* (!!!!!!!!), I knew I had to add Ted Baker to my shoe collection.

The shoes

So these open-toed, ankle strap babes are the Charv Oriental Blossom Leather Strap Sandal, Navy in Entangled Enchantment. Their main colour is navy blue, and of course, no Ted Baker item is complete without his signature florals. These shoes have pink, purple and white oriental blossom flowers on the front, inside of the heel, strap, and lower part of the heel. The back of the shoe and upper part of the heel comes detailed with beautiful swallows and butterflies.

The detailing on these shoes is just impeccable, with elements of rose gold to complement the navy beautifully. As you can see from the pics below, “Ted Baker” is carefully engraved onto the rose gold toe plate, buckle, and heel join. There is the cutest ever little signature Ted Baker bow on the back of the shoe, and a gorgeous inscription on the rose gold part of the sole of the shoe.

Adding these Ted Baker beauties to my shoe collection!!! These stunners are the Charv Oriental Blossom Leather Strap in Entangled Echantment, bought from Jarrold in Norwich.

As with all heel shoes, I was very skeptical about the comfort, but I was pleasantly surprised! I wore them out for a night out, around 5 hours, and I honestly thought I wouldn’t last the whole time. By the time I was ready to go home, and after a couple of hours dancing, the strap was beginning to rub on the outer edge of my feet, but nothing too painful. At least, no blisters! The actual sole however has an OrthoLite padded insole, so no need for sticky gel inserts, and most of all, is actually very comfortable to walk on.

The packaging

I’ve never bought a pair of Ted Baker shoes before, so I don’t actually know what kind of box they usually come in, but the box I received with mine is a bright green box designed to look like a parcel. “Ted Baker” is written in the centre with “London” underneath, and a picture of stamp and postmark in the upper right hand corner. There is also a red stamp underneath the postmark with the words “Purchase, well done, enjoy” and the Ted Baker website below.

The price

Omg this is by far the most exciting part!!! I was actually walking around Jarrold one afternoon and spotted a pair on the shelf with the price tag. The original RRP as £110.00, then crossed out to £50.00, and then crossed out AGAIN to £33.00!!! But since there was only one pair in a size 8, I thought there is no way they will have them in a size 5. So when I got back to work, I looked them up on Jarrold’s website, and lo and behold… they had them in a size 5!!!! I was done. At £33.00, I was sold. It must have been fate. Luckily I could collect straight from the store as I work round the corner, so I didn’t have the P&P extra on top.

Ted Baker Charv Oriental Blossom Leather Strap, Navy in Entangled Enchantment, bought from Jarrold in Norwich

So 24 hours later, Lily went to pick up her new Ted Baker shoes, and lived happily ever after. The end.

Have you ever come across a bargain buy like this before? Let me know in the comments below.


*Item purchased November 2017

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