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Essentially Lily | Beauty Wishlist May 2017

Where on earth has April gone? I cannot believe I am writing out my beauty wishlist for May 2017 already!

You may have had a peek at my mini makeup haul from Boots recently which featured products that I needed to stock up on, but let’s look at what’s on my beauty wishlist for May 2017.

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask: £18, Charlotte Tilbury

So many beauty lovers are obsessed with her products and I’ve only heard good things. I’ve been keen to try this face mask for a while, purely because A) I have never tried a dry face mask before; and B) it’s also fragrance free – perfect for my sensitive skin. Plus, there’s no liquids, creams or peeling, so you can pop your feet up whilst watching your fave program and relax!

Kat Von D “Studded Kiss” Lipstick in Bauhaus: £17, Debenhams

How have I only just come across the Kat Von D lipsticks range??? Helloooo? I was wandering through the beauty department in Debenhams when the studded casing caught my eye, and I instantly fell in love. I tested it briefly and the lipsticks are so creamy and well pigmented that it took a little bit of vigorous rubbing with a baby wipe to get it off my wrist! Bauhaus is definitely my colour of choice though as I am desperate for a deep vampy shade when going “out out”.

Marcelle BB Cream Golden Glow Illuminator: £25.50, Birchbox

I received this product last year in one of my Birchbox beauty boxes and I have only just started using it in the past few weeks. I can honestly say that I would ditch foundation completely and just stick to wearing this as it really does leave your skin looking so dewy and glowy! It’s light, there’s no caking and it really reduces the size of your pores – something which I started noticing my foundation was doing. Plus it really does what it says on the tin – illuminate, as you can see from this photo; and I’m not even wearing any higlighter!!

Mádara Smart Antioxidant Fine Line Minimising Day Cream: £35.00, LookFantastic

This is another product I had the pleasure of trying through one of the recent LookFantastic beauty boxes. I use this after I have cleansed and before I put any makeup on. The cream is light and absorbs really well into the skin and doesn’t leave your face feeling taught at all. I have used this products for about 2 weeks and as it was only a sample size, it’s starting to run out now, hence why it’s on my May wishlist!

Smashbox Step by Step Contouring Kit: £29.50, Smashbox

To this day I have never mastered the art of contouring. I do have a palette of about 8 colours, and I have no idea how many of them to use on which areas of my face, aargh! What I like about this one is that on the description, it says that the shades are “blendable powders in universal shades to match your skin tone”. Hell yes! It also comes with an angled brush and a how-to guide. Again, hell yes! The only thing is the price; I have seen a lot of contour palettes for less, so for nearly £30, I’m hoping that this product is really worth the money should I decide to buy.

Nails Inc Paint Can Gift Set in Mayfair Lane: £12.00, Nails Inc

I’m a big fan of nail polish and I have seen lots videos featuring this product. Basically, the idea it to spray, wait until it dries, wash the excess of your hands and go. Sounds too good to be true! I love painting my nails, but as I am right handed, painting my right hand with my left can be a little bit… messy shall we say! So if this is as simple as it says on the box, this may be the way forward. Plus, you also get the 2-in-1 top and base coat when you purchase the gift set!

Urban Decay Full Spectrum Eye Shadow Palette:  £43.00 Urban Decay

A splash of colour is exactly what I need now that summer is fast approaching, and this palette is perfect. With 21 highly pigmented shades ranging through the “full spectrum” of colour, any look is achievable. I have yet to purchase any UD products, but this palette would be a welcome addition to my beauty collection.

So that is my beauty wishlist for May 2017. Have you tried and of the products on my wishlist? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! What’s on your beauty wishlist for this month?

Until next time xo


**All prices listed above are correct at the time of publishing and all products are subject to availability. This post contains affiliate links.

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