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After having received such great feedback from  he first edition of Behind the Blog, I’m excited to introduce my new guest for December: Gemma from An Ocean Glimmer – let’s meet her now!

“I am Gemma, the blogger behind An Ocean Glimmer, a beauty and lifestyle blog. I’m based in Plymouth, Britain’s Ocean City. Alongside my blog, I am a full time University student currently studying Journalism as well as working part-time as a Sales Assistant. I have been blogging for about five years now, but I started weekly blogging just a couple of months back.”

Gemma from An Ocean Glimmer

1. What is the main focus of your blog?
The main focus of my blog is beauty and lifestyle. I love reviewing the latest products I have tried and loved, as well as writing about events I’ve attended and place I’ve been. Really anything I love, I think this is a must with blogging, you’ve got to love the subject!

2. Who or
what inspired you to blog?

I actually had to start a blog for my college course nearly five years ago now, we were meant to write weekly about things we’ve been doing on the course and just in general. I never did though… oops. But now it has become a passion and love of mine, I just love going away into the blogging universe and just writing.”

3. Who are your top 3 in your collaboration wishlist (bloggers or brands) and why?
1) The Body Shop.. I love all their products, along with them being great for my sensitive skin!
2) PROPERCORN… I’ve worked previously with them after they sent me a chest full of their popcorn, I would love to work with them again.
3) Dorkface aka Jemma… She’s an amazing blogger and the founder of The Girl Gang, would love to do a little collab with her

4. Which beauty products do you swear by?
I absolutely adore any moisturisers, with having sensitive skin I have to be careful on what I use. I adore nice smelling ones and especially when they work to leave my skin hydrated.

5. What’s your everyday makeup routine?
I don’t wear make-up, so I don’t have a make-up routine!

6. Which 3 items in your wardrobe could you not live without?
Ooohh, this is a tricky question! There’s quite a lot of things in my wardrobe that I love! I would probably have to say my fluffy winter socks. I seem to always be wearing them now it’s winter, they are super comfy. Along with my hoodies, they are my life during the colder months, I love snuggling into them. Especially my thick winter one! Last but not least, my leggings. If you know me, you would know that’s all I wear on a daily basis.

7. Who’s style would you love to steal and why?
There’s no one I really follow in the fashion depart, I would probably just say anyone that’s stylish tbh.

8. What has been your greatest achievement as a blogger?
My greatest achievement as a blogger, woow, there’s been so much recently as I’ve achieved a lot! I achieved a thousand views on my blog! Along with 100 likes. I also achieved 500 followers on Twitter, I am quickly heading to 600, I’m hoping to do this before the New Year. I have also made a lot more friends, there’s some really nice people in the blogging community and I have loved meeting them.

9. How do you like to switch off and relax?
To switch off and relax I either play games on my PS4 or I just chill with the other half. I also tend to just write a little but not stress over it, just some causal writing on my blog. I try not stress out about my blog posts, so if i have some spare time I live to do some catching up with it all.

10. Finally… if you could offer one piece of advice to other bloggers – what would it be?
The biggest piece of advice I could give to a blogger is to not give up. Do it for yourself and no-one else, blogging is my passion and I do it because I love it. Recently I lost all my scheduled and draft posts after someone hacked and deleted them. I was ready to give up but I didn’t want them to win. Never give up despite the bad things that happen.

Thank you so much Gemma for joining me this month on Behind the Blog! If you’d like to know more about Gemma, you can check out her blog and follow her on twitter and instagram.

Don’t forget, if you’d like to be featured on Behind the Blog, simply send me an email or drop me a tweet.

Until next time my lovelies! 

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