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I am super excited to announce my brand new monthly feature “Behind the Blog”, in which I get to interview some lovely and inspirational bloggers!! This month, I’m honoured to have the lovely Beth Foust, the lady behind as my first guest – let’s meet her!

elisabeth“My name is Elisabeth and I am the blogger behind Everything & Nothin’. I am a beauty and subscription box blogger. I have a huge addiction to makeup and subscription boxes (I totally need help…Haha). I love testing new products and creating fun looks. I am also launching a new website soon. I will help bloggers contact and connect with brands. I have worked with many companies and I love helping other bloggers succeed. I have been blogging for about 2 years.”

1. What is the main focus of your blog?
The main focus of my blog is beauty. I love testing new beauty products and sharing my love for beauty subscription boxes. I also enjoy creating tutorials and hosting the Beauties on Fire Collab (a group of bloggers that create looks around a different theme each week). I love creating fun posts and how to’s to solving beauty problems.

2. Who or what inspired you to start a blog?
My mom and boyfriend totally inspired me to start a blog. I have always wanted to blog but never thought I could actually do it. My mom helped me come up with my blog name and my boyfriend helped me set up everything. He is a HUGE part of my blog and I totally couldn’t do it without him. He helps with all the backend stuff to running a blog.

3. Who are your top 3 in your collaboration wishlist (bloggers or brands) and why?
OOO hard question! I would really love to collab with:
1.) Urban Decay…I am obsessed with their palettes
2.) Makeup Geek…Love her and her products
3.) Ipsy…I am obsessed with their subscription and they are what started my addiction to subscription boxes (subscribed since the very first bag). I would love to work with them!
4.) The list could go on and on haha!

4. Which beauty products do you swear by?
I swear by K-beauty products, Urban Decay, and Lorac. Almost everything these companies make…I LOVE!!!

5. What’s your everyday makeup routine?
Most days I wear natural makeup. I will apply moisturizer, BB cream, concealer, one shade of a light colored eyeshadow, mascara, blush, highlight, bronzer, and a light gloss. However, I LOVE to play around with makeup and create fun looks every now and again.

I also take skincare seriously because I was studying to be a dermatologist. I never leave my makeup on all night (SO IMPORTANT) and I always double cleanse my face. I am very strict about keeping my nighttime skincare routine. I use an eye cream, serum, facial oil, lash serum, and moisturizer every single night. I also use anti-aging products every other day.

6. Which 3 items in your wardrobe could you not live without?
I am a beauty blogger that has no sense of fashion haha. I couldn’t live without my hoodies, yoga pants, and flip-flops! Totally boring…I know haha! I love following fashion bloggers too because I totally need advice in the fashion department.

7. Who’s style would you love to steal and why?
Any stylish blogger…Seriously, my fashion sense is like zero haha!!

8. What has been your greatest achievement as a blogger?
My greatest achievement is making blogging my full-time career. Also, starting Beauties On Fire! It is not just a collab group! We are a total support group for beauty and fashion bloggers. We discuss blogging tips and truly help each other! I love all the ladies that have joined so far and totally excited about what the future holds for this group. We would totally love everyone to join!!! Note: You don’t have to take part in the collab to join the group.

9. How do you like to switch off and relax?
I love to read about blogging. I know…I am a total nerd and I love to learn everything I can about the world of blogging/running a website. I also love to eat and dance around to my favorite music. A spa day is always a plus too haha!

10. Finally… if you could offer one piece of advice to other bloggers – what would it be?
I could write an entire book on my advice to bloggers! It is so hard to pick just one. However, I will say this…Networking is essential to having a successful blog. It is so important to be yourself and to network with other bloggers. You have no idea where it could lead you. Connecting with bloggers and brands in your niche (what you blog about and who your audience is) is so much fun and can have a HUGE impact on your online presence. If you just want a personal diary type of blog, then it is totally okay not to network. If you want to grow, increase traffic, and be recognized, then you HAVE TO network. Comment on other blogger’s blogs, share their posts, and follow them on social media. I love to help other bloggers and I am always willing to talk. Don’t hesitate to email me or contact me on social media! Also, I would totally love any readers to join our FB group!! I am looking forward to helping you grow your blog too!!

Thanks Beth for letting me interview with you!! I can honestly recommend checking out her facebook page Beauties on Fire, as a “beauty” myself, the group is so interactive and they offer plenty of advice and help! If you have any more questions for Beth, you can connect with her directly via Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

Don’t forget, if you’d like me to feature you on “Behind the Blog”, simply drop me an email to, or send me a tweet!


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    1. Thanks Gemma! I really enjoyed doing this interview – maybe because I’m nosey! Hahaha x

  1. Omgsh I love it!!! Totally love the page setup too! Again, I feel so honored to be your first guest. I look forward to learning about more bloggers throughout this series! It was so much fun!! You’re amazing!!!

    1. Thanks honey, it was such a pleasure collaborating with you. Hopefully we can work together in the future! x

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