Boots Mini Makeup Haul – April 2017*

Boots Mini Makeup Haul April 2017

It’s been a funny old month weather-wise so far, so I thought I would pass the time hiding away from the cold intermittent hail storms and write you all a little post on my latest mini makeup haul  Boots recently.

Benefit Badgal Lash Mascara

I’ve seen and heard only good things about this mascara, but I never ever tried it. I’ve always been a fan of the Rimmel Scandaleyes mascara as it volumises really well without any clumps, but when I started to run out, I felt it was time for a change. I decided to buy the mini travel size one as I thought it would be best in case I didn’t like it, but OMG… I. Am. In. Love. I can totally see why this product gets so many brilliant reviews!! Whereas my Rimmel mascara gave me a good false lash effect, the Benefit Badgal Lash mascara makes my lashes really long and thick but still keeps them natural looking. It’s fair to say this has now become a permanent staple in my makeup bag.

Maybelline Color Show Crystal Nail in Rose Chic

I’m a sucker for the Maybelline Color Show nail polish collection, so when I saw it in a beautiful rose gold shade, I just had to have it. It’s girly, sparkly, and you only need the one coat for excellent coverage. Once it’s dry, it does have a rough texture due to the glitter particles, but you can make it smoother by applying a top coat if you wish. Plus, who could resist having such purdy nails for only £3.99???

Maybelline Color Show nail polish in Rose Chic

Maybelline Master Ink Satin Eyeliner

Perhaps one of my least favourite purchases from my recent makeup haul, not because of the product itself, but user error! Somehow I honestly thought buying this would magically improve my wing-game, but I was sadly disillusioned… The tip is uber fine which is excellent for fine details, but it is very unforgiving if you have a wobbly hand like me! It does dry well and lasts most of the day, so if you’re looking for a new fine tipped eyeliner and have precision down to a tee, I would absolutely recommend this at £5.99.

Rimmel 60 Second Super Shine in Pillow Talk

As well as my new rose gold nail polish, I was also looking for a pretty pastel colour to brighten my mood and get me in the mood for spring, so I settled on this beautiful sky blue shade. I was expecting it to be just a normal gloss finish, but it actually dries with a subtle pearlescent shimmer which was totally unexpected but really pretty. I did have to give it a couple of coats though as the first one dried a bit “thin”, and just to jazz it up a touch, I added a couple of polka dots using this deep purple Clarence Avenue shade by Nails Inc.

Rimmel 60 Second Super Shine in Pillow Talk, Nails Inc in Clarence Avenue

Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Liner in Pleasure me Red

You might have noticed a theme going on, but I do love the Maybelline makeup collection, and I’m going to admit something now… this is the first lip liner I have ever bought. And used. I honestly can’t say if I love it, quite frankly because I’m not even sure I’m doing it right??? I’ve concluded it must be me, because just like my eyeliner skills, my lip liner ends up all wonky. I’ve seen girls with lip liner and I honestly can’t even tell they’re wearing it, maybe I’m using the wrong shade? But I can blatantly see a dark red wonky like all around my mouth… I’ve not given up just yet though! Perhaps a couple more YouTube makeup tutorials are in order…

Revlon PhotoReady Kajal™ Eye Pencil

Now THIS is my kinda eyeliner! I find the pencils are much more forgiving than the liquid eyeliner as it’s much easier to cover up wibbly wobbly lines. The pencil is matte and really pigmented so you don’t even have to press on really hard, plus, there’s a spongy blender on the other end which is perfect for smudging wonky wings blending a perfect smoky eye.

Have you had a makeup haul recently?

If you’ve tried any of these products, or have any tips for me on eyeliner and lip liner techniques, please let me know in the comments below.

Until next time, xo


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  1. Shame all these brands test on animals, there’s some other great brands at boots who don’t like smashbox and GOSH 😊 x

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