What I Got For Christmas 2016

As this is my first Christmas blogging, this is my first ever post of the type and I’ve read soooo many good ones already. Maybe it’s because I’m secretly a nosey B, but I love seeing what new products people are buying, so I’m jumping on the bandwagon and showcasing what I got for Christmas this year.

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9 Best Beauty Advent Calendars 2016

cannot believe it’s December next week! For my family, December means putting the Christmas decorations up, mulled wine, and like many other people, December the first is the first day you get to open up that little cardboard window on your advent calendar to reveal the hidden surprise within.

Please… chocolate advent calendars are so 10 years ago. Now, it’s all about finding out which beauty surprise awaits you every single day, 24 days in a row!!! #Excited

Apparently my advent calendar is a surprise, so I don’t know which one I’m getting, but if you haven’t got yours yet – fear not! I have compiled my top 9 beauty advent calendars to get your mitts on this year:

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6 Christmas party dresses you’ll love

Christmas is fast approaching, and so are the Christmas parties! I don’t know about you, but I always find shopping for a Christmas party outfit so difficult! Too plain? Too formal? Will I leave a trail of glitter in my wake? Am I going to resemble a piece of walking tinsel? We’ve all been there, asking all our friends and colleagues what they’ll be wearing, not only to guarantee that you don’t turn up in the same frock as Karen in accounts, but also to make sure that you don’t arrive in a sexy mini dress only to find out it’s a black tie event. Awks.

So whilst I’ve been hunting down the perfect party piece, I’ve put together a collection of my top 6 picks so far just for you lovelies:

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