Adding Ted Baker To My Shoe Collection

Adding Ted Baker to my shoe collection! These beauties are the Charv Oriental Blossom Leather Strap, Navy in Entangled Enchantment from Jarrold in Norwich

I have to say, I have only really gotten into Ted Baker’s products in the past couple of months (I know, I know, where have I been, right?). Mainly handbags and accessories, but when I came across these stunning beauties from Jarrold in clearance for only £33.00* (!!!!!!!!), I knew I had to add Ted Baker to my shoe collection.

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6 Ways To Avoid Being Scammed As A Model

So you want to get into modelling? I did too when I was about 16, so I set about sourcing local photographers to work with and build a portfolio. In 3 years, I did a few TFP (time for print) shoots, a couple of published fashion editorials for a local magazine, and a handful of catwalk shows – mainly for charity. Not really the model life I had hoped for. When I was 19, I was approach by an “agency”. I was ecstatic! A three year contract with an assigned talent coordinator, an agency who had worked with numerous big, household and high-street brands, and they were looking at me! The only thing was I had to pay around £200 for  “representation and admin fees” upfront to cover the three year period. That’s not too bad if I’m going to earn from it” I thought. Wrong. Fast forward 3 years, my contract has ended, and I didn’t receive a single phone call from them, let alone an assignment.

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Norwich Fashion Week – Fashion Excess In Pictures

On Friday 17th March 2017, I was honoured to be invited to Fashion Excess, the closing show for Norwich Fashion Week 2017.

Throughout the show, we were treated to performances by Happy Coloured Marbles and electro-dance girl duo EKKAH whilst the boys and girls from Sandra Reynolds Modelling Agency strutted their stuff down the catwalk, showcasing both independent and high-street fashion in a range of styles.

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6 Christmas party dresses you’ll love

Christmas is fast approaching, and so are the Christmas parties! I don’t know about you, but I always find shopping for a Christmas party outfit so difficult! Too plain? Too formal? Will I leave a trail of glitter in my wake? Am I going to resemble a piece of walking tinsel? We’ve all been there, asking all our friends and colleagues what they’ll be wearing, not only to guarantee that you don’t turn up in the same frock as Karen in accounts, but also to make sure that you don’t arrive in a sexy mini dress only to find out it’s a black tie event. Awks.

So whilst I’ve been hunting down the perfect party piece, I’ve put together a collection of my top 6 picks so far just for you lovelies:

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