My November Wishlist – 2016

It’s mid November, the nights are drawing in and winter is practically upon us. It’s the season to curl up on the sofa with a hot chocolate heating up our cold noses, a hot water bottle nursing our cold feet and of course, wrapping ourselves up in a nice warm blanket. So whilst I have spent the past couple of evenings keeping warm, I’ve also been browsing the internet for some fashion and beauty winter necessities. Here are my top 4 favourites on my wishlist this month:



Number 4: Naked Ultimate Basics by Urban Decay – £38.50. I’ve been needing a new palette for a while now, and I love the selection of these matte shades – perfect for creating a bronze smokey eye, or a classic winter look.

Number 3: Semi matte liptick by NARS – £21.00, particularly Fire Down Below. I love the finish of a matte lipstick, so I’m keen to see how the semi matte wears. But the shade – it’s gorgeous, it’s rich and it’s vampy #Love.

Number 2: Over the knee boot – BooHoo £35.00. As time goes on, you’ll begin to realise that I have a mild infatuation with boots. Ankle boots, Chelsea boots, lace-up boots, I love ’em all, and what better way to step out in style in a pair of the knee high beauties.

Number 1: Long wool blend coat – H&M £69.99. Now that frost is starting to creep in, I really need to invest in a decent smart coat to be able to wear out on the town. I love how elegant this coat looks, and the faux fur collar really makes a bold statement, even if all you’re wearing is black.

So that’s my top 4 on my November wishlist! Have you got any of these products? Let me know your thoughts on them in the comments below.

Keep warm and cosy, speak soon xsign1

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