My Poundland Palette

I’m a huge fan of drugstore makeup and I’m an even bigger fan of a bargain! So when I spotted this 9 shade eye shadow palette for one pound (!!!) from Poundland, I couldn’t pass on the opportunity.

Does it even work??? Let’s have a look!
As you can see, the selection of shades isn’t too bad, you get a few metallic ones, some shimmery ones and also a double ended applicator too.

In all honesty, the pigment is OK, you do have to apply a couple of times to get the colours to really stand out (especially the lighter tones), but don’t forget this only cost me one pound, so as you can imagine it’s not a patch on MAC or BareMinerals, but for a pound, I certainly can’t complain!

As for staying power, again, it’s OK. Though you’d need a really good primer if you want to get a good run with one application.

All in all, if you want beauty on a shoestring budget – this is the palette for you. It’s great for quick outings and practicing techniques when you normally wouldn’t want to “waste” your good stuff, but if you’re expecting a long lasting look which is full of vibrant colour, I would suggest investing in a little more than a pound.

What are your best beauty bargain finds? Let me know in the comments below or send me tweet!

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    1. Aaaw thanks so much! Yes I was pleasantly surprised too when I tried them. I haven’t tried their eye pencils before, but their palette’s aren’t too bad! 🙂 xx

    1. I love having a nosey through the bargain shops – you never know what special offers they have on! x

  1. I am always a bit wary with such cheap products because I never know whether it’ll be good for my skin or not! It was really interesting to see one being reviewed! Thank you! X

    Victoria | VictoriaaHelenn

    1. Thanks Victoria 🙂 I have dermatitis, so I have to be super careful with my skin too, but this was actually OK! Glad you liked my post X

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